How to find bargain wine

After years of being overwhelmed by wine route choices and being flooded with wine offers, it is suddenly strange to find yourself in a situation where it is difficult to take a decent and inexpensive bottle. Although many independent people still offer free local shipping services, I understand that many of you do not live in an area where there are, and that the budget may be too tight to buy the whole suitcase (although you can always share with neighbors).

That doesn’t mean supermarkets are easy now, but with restrictions on the number of bottles you can buy and the shrinking area. Did you notice that special offers are also thinner on location? The kind of price that I see feels and thinks: “Yes, clearly designed to reduce” is now the norm. (Tesco Finest English White which is quite interesting is a typical example – although it is very good with £ 9 interest, I suspect if offered at £ 12 it would be a clear ball.) I got this supermarket. Like other companies, they currently face additional costs, but they are some of the few companies that have to deal with the current crisis quite well. I doubt we will see one of these 25% – six bottles soon, but who knows? Nothing is certain in these uncertain times.

Aldi and Liddl made some of the cheapest purchases, though almost certainly everything would be under fire. However, it’s worth looking for three Aldi wines under £ 4, which I think is Cabernet Sauvignon from La Mancha, Spain (£ 3.79, 12.5%), which has a very good Cabernet value for the price indicated, mostly more friendly .

Lidl has one of his regular wine tour offerings – which I mentioned Muscat last week – but the quality of his main offer, which includes affordable pecorinoes (wine, not just cheese), has also improved.

The main thing, however, is to keep your eyes open and not pay attention to wine. I noticed (and took) Davida’s last bottle (14%), a beautiful and quite natural barn from the Navarre region of Spain that had the added benefit of having no sulfite added at £ 8 at my local cooperative that day. Hopefully they will recover now. Get one or three bottles if you can.

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