The online marketplace connects buyers with independent food and beverage producers

Independent food and beverage manufacturers can set up their own online stores on the FLOC Market website. This saves them from the difficult task of administrators to take care of themselves and gives customers a central location where they can buy bread and cakes with wine, beer and fresh fruit and vegetables as needed – all from local companies.

The website was launched and has signed companies.

The FLOC market allows craftsmen to handle everything from meat and wine to beer and cakes from independent producers, dealers, and specialists in their region through a central market.

They want to help independent companies connect online, sell directly to their customers, and create an audience of loyal fans. As a solid supporter of local purchases, they hope their platform supports independent people who serve the community in new and innovative ways.

Companies can use it to create product listings in virtual stores in the central market and thus save costs and additional efforts to set up their own online stores. This also makes shopping easier for customers and offers everything you need from a number of local companies in one place.

“We want to create an online marketplace to encourage people to use local producers and enable third-party companies to stand out from potential customers who want to shop locally and buy quality products, but aren’t always sure where to look.

“The current environment is very challenging for small businesses and it has never been more important to connect consumers with them in one location that is easily found. Many offer brilliant contactless delivery or click-and-collect services with which Avoid supermarket and shopping people safely in accordance with government guidelines. Our aim is to reduce the administrative burden of answering a large number of calls, emails and messages for busy third-party providers and independent people. “”

With categories such as wine, beer, delicacies, grilled foods, fresh products, meat and more, FLOC Market is a one-stop shop for local food and drinks. Lewis and David also plan to develop additional tools to help people discover new brands and products and help partners optimize orders from local buyers.

Although the FLOC market is expected to be specifically used during current blockchain restrictions, the service remains and hopes to promote long-term use from independent local producers, focusing on supporting the local economy and reducing kilometer travel. lie.

Several companies have been listed with far greater interest in the FLOC market, and while Lewis and David initially focused on the Midlands, the company could expand to the UK in the future.

“The FLOC market offers his company a business where payments can be received online and helps manage inventory efficiently to increase profitability. The big advantage is that companies can also deliver local and national-level products, and when serving throughout the UK, they can set limits certain radius and shipping options to ensure that their customers’ expectations are met.

We know that time is important, so we made it very easy and inexpensive to get started. Join or set up a free shop or product and each order fee is 10 percent with a transaction fee of 2 percent.

“In the FLOC market, customers will find new products and manufacturers by looking at the market. However, we give each company a unique personal connection that they can share on their own social media channels and use it to promote their business.

“We are already interested in local businesses and looking for more. If you are a small, local, independent food and beverage company, we want to help you.”