The world tasted British wine as exports increased

UK wine exports have doubled to about 550,000 bottles from 2018 to 2019, the trade organization WineGB and the Department of International Trade announced today (8 September).

It’s still small compared to champagne or prosecco, but it shows how wine lovers around the world have shown an interest in fast-growing British and Welsh wines.

Exports accounted for one-tenth of the 5.5 million bottles of wine sold in the UK in 2019, with Norway, the US, Canada and Australia being the top four destinations.

Foam style is at the forefront, and British government officials have highlighted British wines as a success story that could benefit from negotiated post-Brexit trade deals with many nations.

One such country is Japan, which is already the third largest market for champagne exports and is now one of the UK’s fastest growing wine markets, accounting for 6% of exports in 2019.

British Export Secretary Graham Stewart said: “The confident British wine industry will be at the forefront of leveraging future trade deals with Japan and other agreements we will sign in Asia Pacific Beyond the World. ‘

Gusbourne Estate, based in Kent in southeast England, recently signed a contract with Japan Airways to sell sparkling wine at a first-class salon.

Balfour Hush Heath Estate, also based in Kent, will also sell its wines by a Japanese importer and distributor of 21 Community after the UK government receives assistance in arranging meetings with potential partners.

Adam Williams, Director of Winery Sales, said, “It’s great to see our wines in so many different countries, and while exports currently represent a small fraction of our total sales, they are growing significantly each year as there is growing awareness and interest in British wines. . ‘

WineGB said the long-term outlook for British wine producers was positive despite the uncertainty and financial challenges posed by the Covid 2020 pandemic.

Trading Group Chairman Simon Robinson said, “Of course we cannot ignore the seismic changes that everyone has seen this year due to COVID-19, which will no doubt be reflected in our next industry report.

“This year is definitely in a big setback, but the industry has acted swiftly to resolve the issue. As a result we have seen significant developments in direct consumer sales and increased growth in the UK retail sector. We therefore see a generally positive future. “

The winery has grown 150% over the past decade, and a quarter of respondents to a recent WineGB trade survey said they plan to plant more vines in the next three years.

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