It turned out that we poured the wine wrong

Christmas time is for mistletoe and especially wine.

From a Pinot Grigio with your turkey meal to a hot glass of food at night, the average person in the UK is prepared to consume 14 units of alcohol on a big day – nearly two-thirds of UK drinkers admit to being overweight during the holiday season.

However, if you’re having a more responsible Christmas this holiday season and want to add flavor to your wine, Cult Wines head of wine, Lucas Kolodejczyk, has a few tips on how to pour and drink wine like a pro.

Lucas recommends pouring the wine first before reaching for a glass.

Decanting serves two purposes: first, it prevents natural sediment from the bottle from getting into your glass, and second, it allows the wine to air or “breathe” before dumping it – and provide a better taste.

Even though we all know that we should pour our wine (but not always), fewer and fewer people know the proper label for pouring wine.

Lucas points out that we ladies should always pour the wine first (sounds right, tbh) and the glass should be filled on the right side of the guest (and not just where you want it to be).

Regarding very important business (actually drinking wine), Lucas recommends that if you’re not using the teapot, hold the bottle on the floor – and never come out of your throat while you’re pouring.

Where you pour the wine into the glass is fine as long as you don’t sprinkle it on the tablecloth (especially if you pour a little red wine which can be a nightmare when you’re out.

For red and white wines, the usual dose is about 125 ml for small portions or 175 ml for medium sized portions. This is quite difficult to visualize, so it’s usually best to fill the widest part of the glass or at least a few inches from the edges – this will give the wine the best chance to breathe.

It turns out there is more to wine than pushing a glass – from under it all!

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