Hungarian Wines

In this article series, I would like to present Hungary’s main wine regions and wines.

Firstly, let me present two red wines from my favorite wine region.

The Villány wine region is the southernmost wine-growing area of Hungary, is known to all wine lovers for its excellent red wines. The Villány Origin Protection System, unique in the country, guarantees that wines produced from high-quality wines from bottles are delivered to our glasses. The wine region, with an area of 2,500 hectares, has launched two important brands in recent years.

Their flagship is the elegant, full, and harmonious Villány Franc, while for everyday life they recommend the light, youthful, fruity Villány REDy.

Cabernet franc is usually blended with other grapes, it is rarely bottled as a single variety of wine, but it has found its true home in the Villány wine region, and high-quality wines are made from it. The winemakers of Villány believe in the French so much that today this grape variety is grown in one-seventh of the vineyards. In complex, diverse wines, in addition to the varietal character, the individuality of the winemaker can also be manifested.

The Villány wine region announced in May 2014 that, as a result of a long period of thinking, it would revise its origin protection system and launch a new wine region brand.

Premium wines spend at least a year in wooden barrels. Villány Franc super-premium category wines are also made exclusively from cabernet franc, but here strict rules also apply to yield restrictions. The wine spends a minimum of one year in wooden barrels and one afterward in bottles.page1image3804000page1image1816832page2image3835584

The Villány reds are mostly considered by many to be robust and large-bodied, although lighter wines are made in the wine region, which can be incorporated into everyday life.

Adapting to market trends, producers have created REDy to show wine lovers the light, smiling face of the wine region.
The “Y” generation community bistro wine is fruity, youthful, lush, and exciting at the same time, just like its winemakers, young and young winemakers from Villány.

The Villány’s people love and can party, so they made the perfect party wine – a Portuguese-based blend that can easily become the center of social events. In addition, it is easy to reach even those who are familiar with the wines, because due to its fruitiness we are dealing with a really good-drinking wine. It can make a lot of fans of Villány’s wines, especially among the youths, so it will not be difficult to introduce them to the fuller reds later.

But let’s stay with REDy for now: initially, ten wineries made the wines under the same brand name, with a playful common label featuring graphics typical of the producing winemaker next to his name. In addition to portugieser grape, it can also contain blauburger, zweigel, blue franc, kadarka, and other varieties of native grape to Villány, but we can be sure that these wines are characterized by berry-fruity, spicy aromas, vigor, and drinkability.

While Villány Franc is more aimed at those looking for more serious immersion in wine, REDy is an excellent accompaniment to loose conversations and parties.

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