Everything is different, so I drink wine that doesn’t change

Which wine do I want to drink now? This is a simple question that I have asked myself thousands of times. Indeed, the question starts in this column. But this month, in a far more difficult version, I have to ask myself: Which wine do I want to drink after I recover from [everyone’s exhausting shingles]?

Spending almost a month on the couch releasing anti-virus drugs, opiates, vitamins, and the RuPaul Drag Race every season gives me plenty of time to think. The day before my beehive rash with various gardens turned into hell bubbles, I bought three boxes of mixed wine. My wine fridge is full of a mixture of Italian and German red when I panic which bottle I will write in two to six weeks so they will cure herpes zoster [big].

But the day the doctor cleansed my health, I knew exactly what I wanted to drink. I immediately opened the refrigerator and started Valdigué’s Crude Wine Co. This is the wine I always like on a long spring afternoon. Sparkling natural wine from the historically popular Valdguié grape in California (formerly known as “Napa Gamay” because of its mild fruit juice) is poured completely into peach and rosé glasses. It is filled with your favorite aroma of strawberry cake, pleasant and warm and invites you to drink. It tastes like the dessert that you can find at Disneyland – call it Whipped SweetTarts – made from pickled blackberries, strawberries, and soft and soft hibiscus. It’s festive and dreamy, and if you look at the glass, you will know it halfway.

Here are the things about wine won by California winemaker Michael Cruz: Sparkling wine: Fantastic wine, sometimes fantastic, but also reliable. Consistency, whether from bottle to bottle or from vintage to vintage, has become an underestimated quality in the world of natural wine. It can be said that it is even dangerous. I am not guilty of it – I bought a mixed box to find a bottle of flavor, unlike anything I have ever had before. But I didn’t even think about these mistakes when I finally kicked the shingle. I have opened the bottle that I like and continue to return to this time of year after year.

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