Most popular white wine in Spain

Other names are less familiar to most British wine drinkers, and Rueda is of course widely used. Surprisingly, the region produces more than 67 million liters of wine a year on average and has become the most popular white wine in Spain. White wines that are cheap and easy to drink (mostly white, with a hint of red and rose), 80% of the production is sold in the domestic market.

Rueda is a wine region on the highlands of Castile and Leon in northern Spain, about two hours north of Madrid. Due to the cooling effect from altitude – 2,200 to 2,600 feet above sea level – along with the cool breezes from the Atlantic, the region is well suited for white wine production, which accounts for 97% of production, which is unusual for a country better for its red wines. known. . Even though summer temperatures regularly exceed 40 ° C, night temperatures can be around 20 ° C and winter temperatures can be far below zero.

The most common grape variety is the local Verdejo, which has been grown here for centuries and is believed to have been originally introduced by the Moors in North Africa. The other major variety is Sauvignon Blanc, and several other varieties are allowed, with Chardonnay and Vignette recently added to the list.

Rueda was an integral part of the Spanish white wine revolution. Go back 40 years and most of what you can find is semi-sweet, oxidized, often too alcoholic and lacks freshness, acidity and taste. Overall very unattractive. Fast forward to the present day, the Spanish whites have changed through all the shots, as exemplified by Rueda. Due to the popularity of this market, new categorizations have been introduced, including the high quality Gran Vino category.

The recently incarnated Rueda region produces fresh white, fruity, and white wines that are meant to imbibe a youthful and refreshing aroma, with a crispy acidity, citrus and tropical fruity notes. In a relatively large wine region, there are bound to be a large number of producers whose styles range from simple and easy-to-drink tapas bars to some great elegance and sophistication that can accompany complex dishes.

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