Sales of alcohol and wine increased during the second blockade

Spirit and wine appear to be the over-the-counter winners in the second key, reflecting the seasonal shift in beer and ciders, which are top performers in the first key.

Nielsen’s current data shows that over-the-counter selling is increasing every week in response to the close of trading, although the growth rate is lower than it was when trading was first blocked.

Data for the week ending November 7 shows 27% growth outside trade from the same week in 2019. That growth rate is above what has been observed in the total Covid period so far, with total outside trade growing by 23%.

Nielsen data show that beer and apple cider grow well during the week, while sales of wine and alcoholic beverages have a marked increase (by 30% and 25%, respectively).

Rob Hollowart, Nielsen Customer Service Team Leader, told DRN: “The introduction of a new blockade in the UK has increased BWS sales by 27% since trading closed on November 5, although not to the levels we saw during block 1.Food products benefited the most. , growing 28% (up from 19% last week), faster than the dynamic where sales were up only slightly (up 26%) from 24% last week. Shoppers tend to prefer larger stores to meet their needs due to the resumption of closings done.

Seasonality means the trend is a little different for this block. Although cider still grew 24%, it lagged behind the previous growth of 21%, while alcoholic drinks (30%) and wine (25%) were ahead of the 21 year figure or 19% growth. “”

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