Majestic and Balfour Wines together maintain a new British wine style

2020 could be very important for UK wine sales as the UK national retailer Majestic is growing by more than 150% year on year. A standout sales attribute is the number of new customers who have tasted British wines this year, more than 70,000 at Majestic, driving growth.

While the trend continues into the Christmas season, Balfour launched three more limited edition wines in December as part of a second series “Wine Makers’ Collection”. The aim is not only to showcase terroir offerings in the 400 acre Hush Heath villa in Kent, but also to the stylistic variations that are now being created by talented winemakers in Great Britain.

This latest winery features not only some new looks in the English foam category, including the “Saignée Method Rosé”, as well as the use of a rare champagne grape grown on the estate, but also a high quality, ruby-rich British Pinot Noir with ‘history’. All three wines with specially ordered labels for contemporary art will be available exclusively from Majestic starting at 7pm in December 2020.

With interest in UK-grown wines hitting record levels fueled by trend blocking and a ‘hold on’ impact on wine tourism, both Balfour and Majestic believe it is time to postpone the Limits in the category.

Robert Cook, Chief Commercial Officer of Majestic, said:
“British wines have long been an area we like to call Majestic. But this launch is more than just a break from our collective victories. We really wanted to push the category boundaries to take advantage of the growth we’ve seen this year and to strengthen the position of British wines in customers’ minds as high-quality, innovative and delicious wines. These Balfour wines do exactly that. I think a lot of Majestic customers could choose these bottles on their Christmas tables this year – which is a wonderful proposition. “”

Adam Williams, Balfour Sales Director at Hush Heath added: “We pride ourselves on how these wines look and taste – and how they are. Authentic British wines are getting more and more diverse every day. And we are delighted to partner with Majestic to bring this incredible wine into the spotlight this December. We are on the cusp of an exciting wave of opinion in the country and our talented Balfour winemaking father and son are thrilled to have the opportunity to show these many different styles to new and exciting audiences. I encourage everyone to try a bottle of English this December and continue with our story. There are many more to come.

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