The best wines to drink

Morrison ‘The Best Oloroso Dry Sherry NV’, 20% vol (£ 5.50 for 37.5 cl until July 5, then £ 6.25; Morrisons)

I drank a lot of sherry during the blockade and knocked everything down, from Fino and Manzanilla shins to the sweet Pedro Ximenes gum. And this dried Oloroso by Emilio Lustau, one of the best sherry producers, continues to cheer. Despite the shins in the end, it is rich, flavorful, solid and full of nuts, warm mushrooms, slices and a vibrant orange base. It’s very complicated and I actually peel it with cheese after eating. No wonder he won gold at the International Wine Challenge 2020.

2017 Louis Jadot Mâcon-Azé, 12.5% ​​vol. (£ 10.23 vs. £ 12.79 from 3 to 30 June; Waitrose)

Maison Luis Jado has made Beaujolais colored red wine and is very toothed for more than 150 years. When I saw the parchment known as the Bacchus bottle label, I knew that I was in safe hands and that everything was fine. And Chardonnay is 100% of the small village of Maconene Aze in practice. For a little more than tenor, you get premium wine and bottles with crisp, clean, slightly sweet apples, like pears and a long and satisfying finish. Favorable with this price.

2019 Rosa in Santa Tresa, 13% vol, (£ 9.74 if you mix 6, if not £ 12.99; Majestic)

Beautiful roses from the beautiful Santa Tresa grape in Vitoria, Sicily, where grapes have been produced since 1697. Today they produce organic wine that is exemplary from the most modern equipment and old local varieties. Some delighted readers of the audience tried the reach at 22 Old Queen Street a year or more ago, and each wine received a decisive thumb. This is also top notch. It’s a mixture of Nero d’Avola and Frappato, fresh, clean and thirsty thanks to lentil time with a little summer fruit and a decent weight.

2018 Lunar Apogé Côtes du Rhône, 13% vol (£ 13.95; Davy’s)

The Domaine des Carabiniers near Avignon in southern Rhône was named after the Carabinieri army who guarded the Pope during the Avignon Papal of the 14th century and strengthened their horses here. This property has been organic for more than 40 years and is now biodynamic and produces grapes with lip depth and complexity. A mixture of Grenona, Syrah, Murrah, and Kino typical hues is available: full, rich, fleshy, spicy and full of violets, dark ripe fences and lots of spices. Crack value for grill.

2018 Max Ferd Richter Mülheimer Sonnenlay Riesling Kabinett smooth dry, 10.5% vol, (£ 15.60; leather)

I got wine from Max Ferdinand Richter, a 17th-century aristocratic mansion in Middle Moselle, where Dr. Dirk Richter is the ninth generation, always loved. The wine is very pure and everyone is proud of the true taste of their place. God, you can almost feel the rocks and splinters of the infinite Sonnenlay vineyard in Riesling, which is very dense and depressed. There are also baked sweet apples and delicious oranges on the palate. With a refreshing substance, almost dry, and only 10.5% by volume of alcohol, this is the perfect summer drink.

2019 Churton ‘Natural State’ Pinot Noir, 12% vol, (£ 16.99; Jascots)

Churton in the Waihopai Valley near Blenheim on the South Island of New Zealand was founded about 30 years ago by my Oddbins brother Sam Weaver as a beacon of first-class organic / dynamic wine production. Sam and his wife Mandy recently gave it to their sons Ben and Jack, and this top Pinot Noir was made under their supervision with as little human intervention as possible. This is as much thawed wine as you can get: fresh, fruity, runny, smooth, herbal and spicy, and just begging, a little cold, to drink in sufficient quantities.

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