The wine is like the first kiss


Maybe it’s because I’m bored, or maybe my brain is desperate to respond to anything other than the Netflix boxing kit, but a few days ago I felt white, which made my tongue red with excitement. The wine in question is the hemisphere of Tyrrells Winery in the Hunter Valley and is the wine equivalent to the first kiss that made me cry with anticipation and want more.

Semillon is a grape variety native to Bordeaux, which is the dominant variety of the classic Sauternes sweet grapes. Sauternes is quite legendary and the wine can be delicious with a sticky apricot and a little honey. It is also used in the dry style of Bordeaux Blanc, but it is often so subtle and frustrating that I have never tried it that I can recommend. That’s mostly Semilon, and Australians dropped varieties decades ago, and the rest, it said, is history.

This is a recognition that in the early days of Australia there was a lot of confusion between Riesling and penumbra, the latter often confused with the first, but no more. It became my new guilty pleasure to sit somewhere in the ceiling between refreshing Mosel Riesling and rich Butter Chardonnay. Like Riesling, they usually contain alcohol, usually around 10.5 to 11.5%, and have a waxy palate, but also the richness and complexity of mature Chardonnays.

What I cooked with the rest of the sourdough (yes, I know we usually don’t do this technically in this column), which only adds to the depth of the aroma, but many of them ripen and leave a spicy, greasy taste.

However, at sunrise, the cup can be the wine that your brain romanticizes during this period of detention.

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