Wine online searches have gone crazy !

“Order wine online” is the latest word for UK retail customers who want to improve the blockade.

E-commerce has grown surprisingly since March 24. Consumers use the internet for wine because shops, bars and restaurants are closed.

Thanks to the London-based agency for Semetrical digital marketing, the climax of the most popular search and wine-related companies has now been relieved.

Data from Google for 90 days shows an increase in demand for wine shipments, e.g. B. “Order wine online” by 950% and “Wine delivery online in the UK” by 850%.

However, Majestic can be the biggest winner because retailers see a big jump in demand at 3,500% in mid-May and additional ‘s’ (such as Majestic Wine’) can add another 1300% to the search field.

As a result, retailers Aldi, Laithwaites, and Waitrose saw an increase in demand, with the keyword Aldi rising 2400%.

Demand for Virgin Wines and Naked Wines also increased by 170%, indicating that lesser-known brands could also benefit from increased demand for wine delivery services.

For the types of wine sought by the British, the demand for “red wine supply” has increased the most in the last 90 days, followed by the “Prosecco range” (+ 500%) and “Champagne range” (+) 300%).

All but one of the first six specific increases in wine demand related to sparkling wine.

The highest red wine recorded an increase in online search by 550%.

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