Wine vendors at the castle offer online tasting


London wine seller, who now lives in closed Spain, has documented his experience finding new ways to keep his business going.

Writer and traveler James Smith, who heads Madrid , had to close the store two weeks ago due to a pandemic.

But instead of ending the business in the near future, he decided to find creative ways to keep wine running.

Luc documents the impact of the virus on his life and business He presents his photo in a surgical mask and gives.

“The real act of delivering wine to your best friends, wearing a mask, ringing the doorbell, leaving wine at your door, and retiring,” he wrote in his latest update.

“We will go with wine and a stiff upper lip (and extraordinary medical personnel),” he added.

Luca will also taste Instagram on Instagram of Madrid and Darracot every day at 6:00 pm GMT.

With a key flavor, customers can order six wines to be included in the sample in the upcoming video so fans can visit the wine from home.

Luca grew up on Medallion Place in Maidenhead and left her home to travel to Spain. In 2012 he wrote an extant book called The Sun Struck Upwards. Then, Luca went 750 miles from the Camino ankle worship route and the second inspired his book in 2015 – El Camino: Non-Religious Services in Santiago de Compostela.

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